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Lose inches, firm & tone muscles and reduce the apperance of cellulite all while you relax in your own private treatment room listening to soothing background music!

For over 21 years The Firm ® Slimming & Health Clinic’s vision has been to empower people through a highly effective weight loss program that delivers real results that are sustainable and long lasting.

The Firm ® Slimming and Health Clinic – Australia offers a tried and tested weight loss program. Our Geelong clinic provides unique treatments that will Firm & Tone muscles, which results in centimeter loss, there will also be a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and our team will help you to select a healthy eating plan that is simple and easy to follow!

All of this is achieved through the use of our customised equipment and thermal cellulite treatments with regular visits to the Geelong Clinic where we will monitor your weight loss progress. 

Our friendly and experienced team will customise your program and treatments for you and will support every step of the way while on your journey to achieve your own personal goals, targeting the areas you would like improved.

**Results may vary between clients and clinics and are dependent on certain factors. Each clients journey and results are unique & individual and the average results is only an indication. Please contact The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic to discuss your needs.